Teaching in Thailand

Teaching in Thailand—Are You Ready?

Teaching in Thailand is a serious commitment. Adapting to the Thai way of life takes a willingness to try new things, or to hear and consider new ideas. Being open minded will make teaching in Thailand a wonderful and rewarding experience for you and the community. We urge all of our applicants and teachers to bear in mind this worthwhile piece of advice.

Cultivate a love for English through purposeful and expressive activities and assignments as a classroom leader. Use your background as a native speaker to creatively and resourcefully encourage Thai students to learn and develop a fundamental understanding of the English language.

Do more than just stand at the front of the classroom and lecture. Challenge yourself and be a part of one the most respected professions in Thailand. With Road Experience by your side, immerse in a culturally rich environment that is not only rewarding to yourself, your students, and your fellow colleagues, but to the community as a whole.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Devise a thorough curriculum and develop weekly lesson plans
  • Inventively produce a variety of educational materials for in-class activities
  • Creatively manage student behavior and establish classroom guidelines
  • Actively and enthusiastically participate in school related engagements
  • Mark student classwork, homework, exams, and other additional assignments


  • Gain teaching knowledge and skills through practical experience
  • Instruct your Thai students and teachers in a graceful and nurturing manner
  • Recognize, appreciate, and respect Thai culture and the Thai way of life
  • Make every day constructive, positive, and worthwhile for you and your students

Teaching Period in Thailand

A typical school year is divided into two half-year terms. The first semester begins May to September; the second November to February. October, March, and April are holiday periods. Teachers who sign a 1-year contract beginning from November are guaranteed 2-3 weeks paid holiday during October.

We advise teachers to apply before the start of each semester to secure an ideal location and school; however, we are certainly able to place teachers every month without difficulty.

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Requirements to teach in Thailand

New teachers to Thailand must attend our orientation and short-training program
Must be a native English speaker
Must be between the ages of 20 to 50
Bachelor’s degree preferred, but not required
TEFL certification preferred, but not required
Must hold passport from the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa

What the School Expects

Motivate students to absorb and value the English language
Establish a basic comprehension of conversational dialogue
Explore the opportunities of cross-cultural communication

What the Agency Expects

Open-minded individuals eager to assimilate into Thai culture of lifestyle
Interested in the world of education and the development of children
Carry out healthy interpersonal relations with students, parents, teachers, and locals

Role of the Agency-Teaching in Thailand


Road Experience (Road Experience Co., Ltd.) is a teaching recruitment agency based in southern Thailand. People from all around the world pursue our agency in search for enchanting placements to live and teach. Schools from every region of Thailand reach out to our agency in need of engaging native English speakers to help educate their local communities. We lend a helping hand and make these pursuits come to fruition. We place teachers in the best possible schools and locations within our network, and offer continuous support throughout and beyond their charitable service to our community. We are building bridges between cultures though education.


Guaranteed Job Placement

We pledge to offer our candidates a guaranteed teaching position upon successful completion of the application process no ifs, ands, or buts. The Road Experience team will try their hardest to pair you with a Thai school that reflects your intrests from grade level to location and everything in-between.  

Non-B visa, Work Permit, and Contract Assistance

The Road Experience team fully understands the ins and outs of the visa application process. As your agent, you won’t have to deal with or worry about any meticulous paperwork. We produce all the documents needed to stay and work in Thailand. Learn more  

Orientation and Short-training Program

We offer in-depth 2 days preparation workshops to help you understand what it’s like to live and teach in Thailand. All first-time teacher-travelers must participate in one of our programs. Walk away with newly formed friendships and teaching tools. Learn more

Initial Accommodation Assistance

Relocating is a daunting task, but our team makes it a point that all of our teachers are welcomed and shown around their new home by a fellow Thai teacher straight from the get-go. You will be greeted upon your first arrival of your new school. Learn more

24/7 Team Support

With the agency by your side, rest assured knowing full well that a team of committed and caring agents are always available for your assistance every hour, every day; all the time. Emergency and nonemergency requests will be promptly dealt with in a diligent manner.

30,000–40,000 THB Salary

Teachers under Road Experience earn an average of 30,000–40,000 THB/month depending on their experience level and their schools location. Live comfortably for Thailand, and have extra cash to explore the country or surrounding countries. Learn more



Step by Step Application Process

 1 : Read and fill out the application form.

 2 : Send our team the following documents:

Application form (completed)
Curriculum vitae (resume)
Formal photograph

3 : When all the documents are received, a Road Experience agent will contact you for a casual on-line interview.

4 : When your application is approved, our team will send you an acceptance letter and provide you with more information regarding placements, visas, and training schedules. You will also receive an invoice for 3,000 THB as a down payment to lock-in your position for the orientation and to reserve your placement

5 : Reserving placement before traveling to Thailand. The placement coordinator will send you a list of available placements in accordance to your interests specified in the application form.  Rank each school and/or location in order of preference.  Our team will work hard to secure your top choice by sending your application to each school for review.

6 : After being accepted by a school, your placement will be confirmed and reserved.

Additionally, if you change your mind about your placement and want to relocate, you are free to discuss this with our team at the orientation.

7 : Choose whether to obtain a non-B visa from your home country before entering Thailand, or arrive here on a tourist visa and apply within one of our gorgeous neighboring countries. Our team will assist you with proper documentation for any path you choose.

8 : Make final preparations, questions, and briefings.



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