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Kindergarten NES teacher needed at Chonburi

Kindergarten NES teacher needed at Chonburi

We are looking for NES teacher who loves small kids, being energetic and creative to teach English to pre-school level students in nursery school in Sriracha, Chonburi province. The location is great, right in the city of Srirachape

Education Level: Kindergarten Level

Age of students: 1-6 years old

Total No. of Students: 100 pax

Class Size: 30 pax per class

Working Days: Monday – Friday

Working Hours: 7.30-16.30 (Lunch break and nap time 11.00-12.00)

Teaching Hours: 5 hours per day and 25 hours per week maximum

  • Mainly work at Sriracha Bruch and also have to go work at Aummatanakorn Bruch 1-2 times a week by school transportation.
  • Teachers would work as the assistance of Thai teacher. Mainly help home room teacher with kids activities full day, such as, playing games (follow by the school curriculum), talking with kids and teach English 90-150 minutes a day. Each day teachers would change to the different classroom for make kids feel comfortable with English speakers and learn English in natural way.
  • Making the English curriculum goes with kindergarten studying which is leaning by playing games, singing songs and storytelling.
  • Preparing the exam to evaluate student’s English level and report the result to parents.
  • Be a part of special school activities which may take place on weekend.
  • Support special school activities and preparing English performance for students to join the activities.
  • Teachers would prepare lunch themselves.
  • Teachers would dress in school uniform.
  • Teacher would be caution of student safety.


Salary: 30,000 THB with free lunch provided y school



We will arrange for a school staff member to pick you up and take you to find accommodation once you first arrive at your school area.  Please find more information about accommodation price, cost of living in Thailand, and our video presentation by following the link www.teachthailand.org/salary-teach-in-thaland


Non-B visa and work-permit: You must hold a non-immigrant visa “B” (non-B visa) in order to apply for a work permit. Before arriving to Thailand, you may apply for a non-B visa at a Thai embassy/consulate within reach. We are able to provide you with all the necessary documents for a speedy application process.


If you are currently in Thailand on a tourist visa, you will need to first sign a contract with your new school and wait as we prepare the required documents for you to apply within a neighboring country. Bordering countries include: Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

Please find more information about Non-B visa and work-permit by following the link www.teachthailand.org/visa-work-permit-thailand


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