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Teaching Placement

We are building bridges

Between cultures though education.

Cultivate a love for English through purposeful and expressive activities and assignments as a classroom leader. Being a Native Speaker, utilizing your background to creatively and resourcefully encourage Thai students to learn and develop a fundamental understanding of the English language.
Challenge yourself and be a part of one the most respected professions in Thailand. With Road Experience by your side, immerse in a culturally rich environment that is not only rewarding to yourself, your students, and your fellow colleagues, but to the community as a whole.

Guaranteed Job Placement

We pledge to offer our candidates a guaranteed teaching position upon successful completion of the application process no ifs, ands, or buts. The Road Experience team will try their hardest to pair you with a Thai school that reflects your interests from grade level to location and everything in-between.

Requirements to teach in Thailand

Must be a Native English Speaker (UK, USA, CAN, AUS, NZ, IRE, SA) or Western EU with Native English level (Austrian, German, French, Swiss, Swedish, Norwich, Belgian, Dutch)
Bachelor’s degree is advantage but not mandatory (Non degree applicants will be dealt on case by case)
TEFL certification beneficial, but not necessary

***New and inexperienced teachers to Thailand, who apply at the beginning of each semester, must attend our orientation program

  • Devise a thorough curriculum and develop weekly lesson plans
  • Inventively produce a variety of educational materials for in-class activities
  • Creatively manage student behavior and establish classroom guidelines
  • Actively and enthusiastically participate in school related engagements
  • Mark student classwork, homework, exams, and other additional assignments
  • Gain teaching knowledge and skills through practical experience
  • Instruct your Thai students and teachers in a graceful and nurturing manner
  • Recognize, appreciate, and respect Thai culture and the Thai way of life
  • Make every day constructive, positive, and worthwhile for you and your students
  • A typical school year is divided into two half-year terms. The first semester begins May to September; the second November to February. October, March, and April are holiday periods. Teachers who sign a 1-year contract beginning from November are guaranteed 2-3 weeks paid holiday during October.
  • We advise teachers to apply before the start of each semester to secure an ideal location and school; however, we are certainly able to place teachers every month without difficulty.
  • Motivate students to absorb and value the English language
  • Establish a basic comprehension of conversational dialogue
  • Explore the opportunities of cross-cultural communication
  • Open-minded individuals eager to assimilate into Thai culture of lifestyle
  • Interested in the world of education and the development of children
  • Carry out healthy interpersonal relations with students, parents, teachers, and locals

Road Experience Support

  •  Salary 30,000 – 40,000 THB monthly depending on location, qualification and teaching experience
  • Free 2 full days orientation program (for new & inexperienced teachers who will start at the onset of a semester)
  • Greetings upon arrival by Road Ex staff at Hatyai Airport for those who join orientation program
  • Non-B and work permit assistance (producing all visa paperwork and keeping track of the process)
  • Full support on related issues ie. contracts, late payments, teaching hours, etc.
  • 24/7 support in emergency cases
  • Pre-arrangement with the school to greet you upon arrival and to help you find accommodation
  • Great location primarily in the South and East. Positions are also available in Bangkok, Bangkok Metropolitan region and big cities in the north
  • Competitive 3,000THB administration fee only
  • Teachers who sign a one-year contract are guaranteed 2–4 weeks paid holiday