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Kindergarten teacher needed in Bangkok

Kindergarten teacher needed in Bangkok

Teacher will be teaching children how to develop life skills through English speaking.  Their parents will accompany with their kids in classes to learn teaching skills from teachers so that they can apply when at home.  We are looking for kind-hearten person with a willingness to be with small children, being energetic and creative to create fun, easy to learn environment to kids.

Location: Central Thailand 

Type of School:  Company

Education Level: providing Child Development Program from UK to schools

Age of students: 6 months old to 4 years old

Total No. of Students: 150 pax

Class Size: 10 pax maximum

Working Days: Tuesday to Sunday

Working Hours: 9.00 – 17.30 Flexible

Teaching Hours: 3 – 6 hours per day and 21.5- 23 hours per week maximum. Some classes will have Leader Teacher and Assisting Teacher to help.

Salary: 35,000 THB Degree Holder, 30,000 THB Non-Degree Teacher

Commission provided to teachers if the company meets monthly target which will be paid on monthly basis.   Bonus is paid on December depending on the company’s annual performance which means the bonus is not available if the revenue earning does not meet the target.

 Remark: Long holiday periods with full paid; 1 week during Sonkran and 8-10 daysduring Christmas.  No other break during the year except Thai National Public Holiday.


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