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Non-B Visa and Work Permit

Non B Visa and Work Permit

A foreign teacher who wish to teach in Thailand must posses Non Immigrant B working visa, teaching permit and work permit. Our agent will be in cooperative with the school coordinator to prepare and keep track on it.
The only thing you need to bring it with you from your home country is original degree certificate, transcript and police clearance (if any). You may need to get your degree certificate translated into Thai Version, we will inform you whether this has to be done or not.
Non-Native Teachers must additionally take an TOIEC Exam which you can take in Thailand (cost 2,000 THB ) Following this link for more information, https://goo.gl/49Ztc5
In case of Non degree teacher , please consult with our staff on your visa options.

Require further visa information, please feel free to message us.