Step by Step Application Process

Read and fill out the application form.
When all the documents are received, a Road Experience agent will contact you for a casual on-line interview.
When your application is approved, our team will send you an acceptance letter and provide you with more information regarding placements, visas, training schedules, and final preparation before flying to Thailand.
A list of available placements in accordance to your interests specified in the application form will be sent to you. Rank each school and/or location in order of preference. Our team will work hard to secure your top choice by sending your application to each school for review.
After being accepted by a school, your placement will be confirmed and reserved.*.
Make final preparations, questions, and briefings.
Now you are ready to begin your new challenging journey

*For applicants who enroll to the orientation + placement program, should you change your mind about placement and want to relocate, you are free to discuss with our team at the orientation venue.